Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why I LOVE Jon Day!!

So I have decided that I need to have a "Why I LOVE Jon" Day. I've been so irritable lately and I think that I've taken out a lot of frustrations on my wonderful husband!

1. His Eyes:
There is a song in Jekyll and Hyde-which is one of my most favouritest musicals, called In His Eyes I love this song, pretty much Emma (who is Dr. Jekyll's betrothed) and Lucy (who is Mr. Hyde's I allowed to use that word on here? I don't know and don't care cause I love that word... but she goes to Dr. Jekyll to receive medical treatment, even though they are the same person, she just doesn't know...) and they sing this absolutely gorgeous duet about how whenever they look in his eyes they see where they want to be and they can see the love in his eyes and all that jazz! And this is honestly how I feel about Jon, whenever he looks at me just the right way, it makes me go weak at the knee's and I get butterflies and I sure hope to the High Heavens that that feeling never goes away!! A long time ago, I had a dream about my little girl, she was absolutely adorable and she had dark brown hair with eyes that were the same shape as mine but she had the brightest bluest eyes I'd ever seen and when I woke up from my dream I was like, "well I don't know how I'm gonna have a child with blue eyes cause my eyes are brown"
Every guy I dated since then I would look at their eyes and every single time it just wasn't the right blue! Until I met Jon, I went over to his house on that fateful day and knocked on the door. He opened it and I looked up and saw the exact shade of blue that was also the colour of my daughter in my dream! Velveeta type cheesy right? But that's how it goes.... So now I can't wait til we are ready to have a little girl and she had better have bright blue eyes!

2. His smile:
This is another thing that I just love!! Now, when Jon is forcing a smile he kinda looks like those 13 year old nerds, but when he is truly happy and is laughing and smiling it totally makes my heart go all pitter patter!! I especially LOVE when he does his kinda side grin!! Oh mylanta!! It makes me so giddy!!

3. His Hugs!
I love it when Jon holds me or gives me a hug or anything!! Sometimes I just don't want it to end. His arms are super strong and he always can squeeze just right to make me feel good. I sometimes have panic attacks at night, they usually used to come after I would watch Forensic Files (I will say, not the brightest idea to watch shows about murder and coldblooded killers before you go to sleep) and during high school I would call either Sam McBride or Austin Hull and they would talk me through it, but when I started dating Jon I started calling him, and the very first night he just stopped me and said, "Britt, I'm coming over." and he did! I kinda felt bad because I called him at about 2 in the morning and he had to leave for work at 4:30, but he came over and just held me until I fell asleep. It was the nicest thing and it made me feel so much safer to have his arms around me.

4. His Work Ethic:
Jon does an awesome job to provide for me, he doesn't particularly enjoy going to work, but he does anyway. And even when he doesn't want to go in and sometimes even when he isn't feeling the best he will still go in and work his hardest to get things done. And then after all is done he will come home and help me with whatever I ask him to! He always wants to do things to the best of his ability. A part of me wishes really hard that he were recognized more at work and rewarded for all of the things he does for work but like most things in life, the only recognition he will get is from me.

5. His Pampering of Me:
Jon is always treating me like a Princess! For my birthday he took me to the mall and he paid for a pedicure (totally my happy place!) and he bought me a new hairdryer cause mine was about to blow up at any moment, and he planned an awesome birthday party with some of our friends! He even got me a cookies and cream ice cream cake!! Seriously, I have the best husband ever! He is always giving me foot rubs when we watch our tv shows and he indulges me in whatever tv show I want to watch. I'd had a slight obsession with 16 & Pregnant and then Teen Mom, totally not boy shows but he watched with me and I think he started to truly enjoy them!! Our latest tv splurge is Ghost Adventures!

6. His Love of the Gospel:
Ever since I went through the Temple for the first time, I just want to go back and back and back! And Jon is so awesome and so we have made it our goal to go every week! And to be honest since I have gone through Jon and I have gone every week, I think that there has been maybe one week that we didn't go. But we've been to the Ogden Temple (oh how I miss it!!), Logan Temple, Bountiful Temple and Salt Lake (I LOVE LOVE LOVE the live session!!!) We are trying to go to several different temples but right now we've only done the four!! And I love it!! I especially love sitting in the Celestial Room with him and just talking!! It's such a peaceful place and I also love going with him because I got married in my Temple Dress and so it makes it so much more special and makes it easier to remember that wonderful day!!

7. His love for Family:
Jon's parents divorced when he was really little, and so he's lived with his dad for his life and when he was about 8 his dad remarried. He has had such a great support system from his dad (Rod) and step mom (Sheri) and from his mom (Barb). And I can tell you that he loves all of his parents so much! When he got home from his mission he used to go to the Temple every Tuesday with Sheri and then he used to go down to Salt Lake, where Barb lived at the time, and go out to lunch with her! And when we were dating he developed a good, loving relationship with my parents. We love our families! They truly are our biggest support system and we love them so much!

8. His Support of What I love:
I love Theatre and Performing and doing anything with my talents! And Jon seriously is my biggest supporter and my number one fan! If I told him I wanted to move to New York to perform on Broadway he would totally support it and would figure out a way to get me there. My dreams have since changed from when there was a time that a part of me wanted to leave my little bubble and go out to New York to see what it was like to follow my dreams and desires and to leave my little world behind. Since meeting Jon, my dreams have morphed into more family oriented desires. I want to still do theatre but I would much rather have children who are raised to love theatre and the arts as much as I do. And Jon will then be their biggest supporter too!

9. His Kisses:
Now I won't elaborate too much on this cause that would be gross... but I love it when Jon kisses me! From the soft kisses to the sweet kisses to the passionate kisses to the little kisses on the top of my head when I put my head on his shoulder... I love them all!

10. His Humor and Laughter:
Jon is a very funny guy!! Oh mylanta!! Especially when he is annoyed with someone or something, I just like to listen to him cause he says really funny stuff under his breath and then I end up looking like an idiot cause I laugh... Jon and I have the same type of humor, we can always laugh at the same things and he can always make me smile. I can never stay angry at him for too long because he will always say something that's hysterically funny!! And I can't help but smile. When we were broken up there were a couple things that I found hilarious and the people I was with didn't share the same humor as me and so I would miss him so much because I knew that he would have laughed. I think I even sent him a couple of pictures because they were so funny!! And he did laugh and it made me feel better!!

I'll leave more for another day when I need a "Why I LOVE Jon" day. But that is just a portion of why I love my husband. He is so kind and caring and is always so loving. I love being with him and I just had to let the world know just how much he means to me and how much he has changed my life!!

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