Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazy Sunday.... Not....

Oh, how I love Sundays! Sunday is probably the absolute best day of the week!! It's the day where most everything is just relaxing! Although this Sunday was not that type of Sunday, the young woman who usually plays for our Ward Choir has carpel tunnel so she has been put on piano rest for about a month. So after trying to call me last week and I wasn't home she managed to get a hold of me on Wednesday, and she asked if I could play for Choir. I agreed and then she brought over the music. Now, she had told me that the Choir would be performing today, what she had failed to mention was that the song was on the organ. So as soon as I saw that Jon and I hurried over to the church so that I could practice at least for an hour on the song. Finally, today came and I had to get up earlier (I say earlier because I have 11 o' clock church and so I get to sleep in anyway) and I went to the church to practice with the Choir. I knew from the moment that they started singing with me that it was going to be a trainwreck... not just for me, but also for them. The song was too high for the women of the choir and the accompaniment really didn't do anything for the song. I also have a personal issue with Choir's singing with Organ Accompaniment! First off, if you are not a big, strong choir like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir then you probably shouldn't be singing with an instrument that is that powerful and loud. Second off, I just think that it is inappropriate in Sacrament where you are trying to bring the Spirit into the meeting to have a group of singers sing with the Organ. If it is the congregation I feel like that brings so much more to the meeting than an intimate group. For smaller groups I personally feel like the piano can bring the right tone to a meeting. And thirdly, I just didn't think that it was that great of an arrangement. I felt like the arrangement did nothing for the song, and it would have been better had it been from the hymn book. That's my little rant about today...

Then we had our lesson, which was fun. The kids seemed to be testing us, because we walked in and the first two questions we were asked were, "did you bring food?" and "can I play on your iPad?" unfortunately we answered incorrectly on both of those questions and then they didn't really pay attention to the rest of the lesson... so Jon and I have decided that we'll take in carrots and celery and cucumbers not next week (cause it's Fast Sunday) but the week after.

Then we came home and had a houseful of people, because my brother and his family are visiting. And I have hence decided that I don't want a ton of kids.... There were only five of his six children with us, but it was so loud with people talking over each other and there were so many d
istractions! I come from a family of six but I was raised an only child because my siblings are much older than I am, so I am actually quite content when there is peace and quiet... I love my family! Don't get me wrong but I don't think I could quite handle that many children. And then we played Apples to Apples which was super fun!! And after playing a couple rounds of that Jon and I had been invited to our friends house for dinner. So we went over to the Barton's house and ate dinner with his mum and dad and his five brothers and one sister. Afterwhich we played games over there too! Overall it was a lot of food and a lot of games!! But we had such a super time!! :)

Part of Sunday's, I think, is being grateful for so many things. We say prayers openly all throughout the day and everyone in every single prayer always mentions just how grateful we are, be it for the sun, rain, safety, parents, teachers, friends, there is always so much! And so I would like to add some things that I am thankful for. I am grateful for my husband, Jon, he is so good to me and he is always so caring of me. I am also very grateful for my family and for our health, apart from the heart attack scare that we had almost four months ago we are pretty relatively healthy people. I am grateful for the place that we live, and that we have a nice home and that we can feel safe in our neighbourhood. And the last one that I'll put for today, is I am grateful for my Saviour, Jesus Christ; because through him all things are made possible and I know that I can feel his love continually bless my life! I am seriously so lucky to have been born in the covenant and not have to search for this Gospel, because I was born into it. Also, I have to add this on in.... I'm grateful that I have my little kitten (who is slowly growing into a mini panther....) every time I play with her or watch her, I am just awed about the creatures that God put on this earth.

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