Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boredom... So not here...

As many people know, right before our wedding my daddy had a heart attack, so Jon and I had decided that we would just stay with my parents so that we could help them out in any way that we could. And so, when we left for our honeymoon I hadn't really done any type of dejunking my room, and changing it from "my" room to "our" room. The only thing that I had done was put up his Batman picture that Sheri had gotten him for his birthday, but apart from that, I had done nothing... And frankly, my room was a mess anyway and I would have been lucky if we could have even walked into it without tripping.

Well.... in the three months that we've been married, that mess had turned into a disaster! There were clothes piled up (which really shouldn't even happen, because my mother is more than happy to do our laundry! She loves doing laundry! And ya know what? If she's willing, I will let her have her laundry time!) we had books everywhere that we were reading, our bed was rarely made, shoes had made their home wherever, our Primary stuff was wherever we'd put it last... it was really bad! And every morning I would get up and just whimper because I knew I was being a horrible housewife! Well.... NOT TODAY!!!! Today, I started the process of changing "my" room into "our" room. And I have to admit it was interesting looking through all of my things. Mum and I are kinda pack rats... we keep anything and everything. We aren't too bad about it, but we could totally be guest psychopaths on the A&E show Hoarders. But this morning, I woke up at around 8, and I looked around the room (not well, as I didn't have my glasses on, and I am so blind that I can't see anything unless it is AT LEAST 2 inches away from me) but I just thought to myself, "self, today is that day that I need to be ruthless about dejunking!" And so I got up and I started with my desk. I had so much junk on my desk that I couldn't even see the woodwork on it anymore! I also had a bunch of pictures of friends of mine from all the way back to elementary school, people I don't even talk to or even know what happened to them. I also had pictures of old flings and I, which thinking about it, I'm pretty sure Jon wasn't too happy about. So I tore down all the pictures and only kept a small number, basically of the people that I still talk to.

Next, I picked up all the laundry off of the floor and the random laundry baskets. I have this really bad habit of just leaving laundry in a basket and putting it on the floor and then just grabbing what I need. Turns out, buried amongst all of my clothes in the massive space that is our room, we had 7 laundry baskets! SEVEN!! Do you even know how completely and utterly ridiculous that is? It's bad!! And so I either hung up or put the clothes out in the living room so that I can take it upstairs tomorrow to start the epic battle that will be my laundry day (tomorrow I will be doing my own laundry as mother has lots of tasks to do...)!

Then, I went around and picked up all of the socks that my dear husband has. I swear that this boy has WAY too many socks, but he will argue that there are two things that you can never have enough of, and that is: socks and underwear. But trust me, there is a limit to how many socks and underwear one man should be allowed to have! I can't fit all of his garments into one or even two drawers! And the same goes for his socks! And I don't know how this boy manages to do this, or even why he does this, but I was finding socks all over the place!! It's like he takes off one sock and throws it as far as he can across the room and then takes off the other sock and just drops it wherever he is. Or maybe it's the other way around? Either way, I was finding his socks EVERYWHERE! So now he has his own separate laundry basket just for his socks. And then he has the guts to come home from work today and take his socks off and just drop them right in front of the basket, right after I'd told him what it was for!! He's such a stinker! But then he put them in the basket.

Amid all of this, I was either throwing away clothes or putting them in a bag to be sent to the D.I. And this is really hard for me, because I always look at all of my clothes and think, "I could totally use this!" and then I don't ever use it and it just sits there taking up space! Ugh! So I was also determining which of my clothes would get to be adopted into new homes!

Then I made my first attempt at vacuuming. I couldn't get everywhere but I got everywhere I could get. It's just my little way of seeing what else needs to be done. And trust me, there is so much more to do!! I am no where even close to it being our room. I still have a bunch of work ahead of me, but it's kind of exciting! It gives me something to do and I can see the results. I could tell the Pantomime was kind of confused, all of sudden she had all this extra space and her hiding places were all gone. She was running around in circles aimlessly, afterwhich she brought her string to me and so I played with her. And I think she also likes having more space. She's cute... and I love her!

So that is the cleaning attempt of my life right now... I really want our room to be ours and not just the place where Jon sleeps. He does so much for me and so this is the least that I can do to make sure that he is comfortable. I love him muchly! And now I'm going to go to bed because I've done a lot today.... Now is time for beddybye! And you can be sure that tomorrow will be another full day of cleaning! Especially since Jon is working 9-5 or 4:30 or whatever.... I just wait til he comes home. :)

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