Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gowns to Swim Wear!

So... about a week ago, I got a call from a woman in my ward asking me if I still do Princess Birthday Parties. Now, I have only done one for a "silent auction" that my ward had for Girls Camp and so I got to dress up like Cinderella. This time, however, I was supposed to be Snow White and so I called Alyn and she was able to find a really cute Snow White costume and a Prince costume for Jon and I to do this birthday party. So we definitely dressed the part! Down to makeup, wigs and costuming. It was so much fun to go to this party and see all the little girls dressed up in Princess Costumes. They were so cute! And so we asked them who their favourite princess was, and then I told the story about Snow White and Jon even added his side of the story. It was pretty cute! And then we taught them how to bow and curtsy, and wave and the most important part: remembering to say "please", "thank you" and "you're welcome", afterwhich we gave them "Certificates of Royalty" signed by both Jon and I (as Snow White and Prince Charming of course!). Then we had singing time and then we took individual pictures with the kids. We had about a half hour program and we had a lot of fun with it! We enjoyed ourselves and the kids a ton!

Then after the party, we came home and got changed into our swimwear because we were going boating!! We headed up to Willard Bay to go out on the water with Jon's family! It was so much fun just getting up to the dock! We missed the turn and ended up going down this dirt road for quite awhile because we decided to follow the GPS and not the signs and then we figured out what the problem was and turned around. It was an adventure alright but it was still fun. Then finally we got to the dock, and we went and got on the boat. Now... I've never been on a boat and in all honesty I'm terrified of the water. Terrified and grossed out!! Because frankly, the thought of swimming in the fish's toilet (and everyone else's for the matter) has never really thrilled me. Also the fact that it's a huge open space is not on the top of my favourite's list. But we got on the boat and out into the water.

The first thing we did was jump out into the water to swim. It was pretty fun, the water was freezing at first and for those of you who know me, you know that I am ALWAYS cold! And so to already be cold and jump into even colder water was kinda a big deal. Then my sweetheart decided to get out onto the lake and try water skiing. I sat up front with Hayden whilst Jon was out on the water showing us how it's done! And Hayden was so funny, cause he kept saying, "Oh yeah, Jon is really good! My brothers are the best at this!" And then they asked if I would like to try skiing, and even though I am so not the adventuresome type I told them sure. So I got out into the water again and Jon helped me put the planks of wood onto my feet and then I tried to get up.... to no avail... I swallowed more water (ew, ew, ew... fish's toilet water...) than I ever care to again, and they said that I almost made it up but I didn't feel like I was at all close to getting up. And so finally after three or four failed attempts I decided I didn't want to make everyone sit around waiting for me so I decided I was done.

Then we brought out this tube/raft/floaty thingy and put it in the water and two by two we all got a turn. I got five turns! I was so lucky! I got to go with Jon, Hayden, Connor, Hayden again and then Jon again. With Hayden the first time we got a huge pocket of air and were flown up about three feet from what everyone in the boat said. And when Jon and Chris went the tube completely capsized, leaving them in the water and the raft upside down.

All in all, today was a fun but very tiring day! I can feel muscles in my body that I didn't even know were there and/or could be used! And my legs and arms are super jello-ie. I would say that it was an awesome first time for boating for me! And I can't wait til we can go again!

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