Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chalk Drawings!

Over the weekend Jon was super sick!! Sunday came and he was texting me before work saying that he didn't feel good, so I just told him to have some Alka Selzter Plus and go to sleep. He did and then I went to church and taught our Primary Class. Monday we didn't have class because it was Labor Day, Jon was supposed to work, but he was still sick and so I made him call out of work and I gave him more medicine and then made him sleep. We did make a trip to his parents house as it was Connor's birthday party. Connor is 8 years old! This is so weird for me because when I first met Hayden and Connor, Hayden was 8 and had just been baptized by Jon and Connor was 6! It's so weird seeing these kids grow up! Rod kept asking if Connor wanted to get baptized by Jon just like Hayden had and Connor told his dad no and that he wanted Rod to do it. Anyway, so we stopped by just in time for Connor to be opening presents, however because Jon didn't feel too good, we didn't stay for too long. We went back home and Jon and I sat on the couch and watched Bones.
Yesterday was fun though, my mother and I went to the Temple and did Initiatories. I haven't done these since I got my endowments out 7 months ago and so this was a fun mother/daughter day doing stuff... yeah... there is some good stuff in that... after the temple, we went to Chili's and then went to the Distribution Centre and then to Great Harvest Bread to get Jon some soup and bread.
When I got home Jon had his soup that we'd brought and then we went outside and played with sidewalk chalk! Jon drew something and I drew something and then we showed each other! We had so much fun!!

Jon's Chalk Drawing!
My Chalk Drawings!
Both of us by our Creations!

we had a lot of fun with our chalk drawings! He drew a "montage" for me and on it was us drawn in a heart, a batman and batwoman sign, the "Mosher Mountain" with me saying "I love you" and him electrocuting some unnamed person in the "waters of stupidity" and also some "holy chalupa's" as that is what I say all the time. I also learned that a Chalupa is pretty much a Buenelo like the ones my grandma always makes. Mine was a little bit nicer... somewhat; I drew a big sign that said, "I heart Jon!" and then I drew our family with Jon and Me holding hands and then our cat Pantomime with us with the word "Family" underneath it. It was extremely fun, we had a really good time drawing things together and for each other.

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