Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jon Cleaned the TOILET!! :D

There are a lot of thoughts that are going through my mind as I am sitting here, the first being: Jon cleaned the toilet! Now, I know this isn't a huge thing but I'm going to give a bit of advice to all of my male friends who are married, or will be married! The small things make us the happiest... no joke! Another favourite of mine is when he takes the trash out and puts a new liner in (the liner is the more important part of that task, always finish the job!), I love it when he washes cups because I really hate doing those... I can do the plates, the silverware, bowls and cooking supplies but I hate doing cups... I just leave them on my counter in organized rows; it's the small and simple things that make me happy, and would make any girl happy. A man doesn't need to do acts of grandeur to show his love for 'his love' all he has to do is do the simple things around the house. Also, I should point out before you go and do things now, always do it when she's around and able to see you do it. If a man washes the dishes and the woman didn't see it, it automatically didn't happen. :) (Please watch Kate and Leopold for that silly, but totally true reference)
Another thing that is going through my mind goes along with my blog the other day about feeling worthwhile. The same thing that happened all throughout my high school days by the same person just happened again this week. And it was after I had made my realization that the people who hurt me the most probably had no idea that they had hurt me, and even if they did know it, they probably didn't care. And so I had established within myself that my harbouring these doubts about myself because of someone else was foolish because I was only affecting me. And then the VERY next day, no joke, the same person who had done this to me in high school for so many years did the same thing. And I really just had to sit and stare at it for a moment, and at first I was really hurt, because it was kind of like pouring salt on the freshly opened wound... and then I was discussing this with my sweet mother, who, in all honesty, has been the best. She listens when I whine, cry, laugh, wonder and think about stuff and she gives her honest opinion, which is exactly what I need almost every time. And she just told me that that experience was just God reaffirming my 'a-ha' moment. And I felt a lot better, and it made me feel like I really had learned a lesson, which I will most likely need in the future, because I am human and I do forget things that I have learned. And I know that sometime in the future, when I have a daughter she's either going to be like me, or she's going to be like this other person, and I'll have to explain the hurt and self-criticizing that she is causing someone else.
And one last happy thing, we had our read thru tonight!! Talk about freaking fun!! We had a blast reading through one of the most hilarious shows! We had some majorly good times and I am really excited to watch this show blossom, and to see the cast make their decisions on how to perform their roles. They are all extremely talented, although poor Anthony is going to have to carry around 3x5 cards with words and pronunciation for said words. He has some hard words in all of the show. Emilie is just adorable and so of course she is the one who has to say most of the dirty lines, and Richie is just awesome at playing a girl! This is going to be a VERY fun show!! And everyone had better get their tickets in advance because you will WANT a seat for this show! I'm a little nervous with how few rehearsals we have, but ya know what? I really, really think that the cast that I have is going to be able to pull it off! And I'm excited to see where it takes us!!
Also Jon says hi and that he wants to leave two days into the run for Disneyland. ;) He's not bitter at all!

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