Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Simple Things in Life!

The past couple days have been somewhat of a whirlwind! Yesterday, we went with Jon's grandma and grandpa Mosher up to Swiss days, we had a pretty fun time with them and we enjoyed their company. We looked around at the booths and I have to admit that even though Jon and I have decided to wait until after we are finished with school to have kids, seeing those babies and children having a fun time with their parents along with all the booths that had baby clothes and blankets and accessories I was starting to feel a little baby hungry! It's always when I see little kids holding their daddy's hand that makes me want one! Jon is gonna make an amazing father because one: he's so caring and sweet, and two: he just like a kid so they'll have a lot more fun with him than they would with me!
After we were done at Swiss Days, we were driving home, and I didn't see everything that had happened, but there was a bike rack that fell off a car and so everyone was slamming on their brakes and swerving to avoid hitting the rack and all of the bikes that had fallen to the pavement. This big red truck that was right next to us swerved into our lane, but thanks to Grandpa Mosher's impeccable driving skills and Batman-like reflexes he moved our car out of the way of a collision. It's truly a blessing that we made it out alive or at least unscathed, and we were all a little shaken after that, well, I guess Grandma and I were, Jon and his Grandpa seemed pretty ok.
After that incident I was thinking about the things that I love in this world. And frankly, they are just the small things that are in everyday life.
-when Jon wakes up after a nap or in the morning to get ready for the day, he always has this little tuft of hair that sticks straight up in the back! It's probably one of the cutest things, and I love every time I see it!
-when my kitten Pantomime curls up on me or by me. Pantomime is my baby, I love her so much and I don't know what I would do without her anymore, she's such a fun cat. She follows me around and always needs to be near me, no matter what. She still is playful and such and runs around but wherever I go, she goes.
-when Jon leaves me little notes, I love it! It makes me so happy! I have a special place where I've put most of the ones I've received from him.
-laying in bed and talking to Jon before going to sleep. These are probably my happiest moments just being with him and being able to laugh and joke about everything.
-I love getting my pictures together and scrapbooking, it gives me so much happiness and such a jolt of pride everytime that I finish a project. I love looking through memories and making them so easy to access.
-when Jon and I are watching or movie or doing anything else and I can put my head on his shoulder, he always puts his on mine and then holds my hand. And everytime, I get butterflies.

Two years ago, we met and it really has completely changed my life! I had actually been waiting for another boy who I was absolutely infatuated with, but with choices that he made in his personal life not only changed his life, but it completely changed mine. The summer that he made one particular choice was the summer that Jon and I met. And I know for a fact that it was because this other guy had made choices that disqualified him to be that Priesthood Holder Heavenly Father knew I needed. And that's when I met Jon, and everything changed! For the better. Looking back and thinking about what my life would have been like with this other boy made me realize that I wouldn't have been happy and that he would have been bored with me. Jon and I fit, and we can do everything together from going to a movie, to going to dinner, to just sitting at home. No matter what we do, we are content and happy with each other; and I am so happy for the rest of my life to have that feeling of fulfillment! Because even though our life together isn't over I feel fulfilled.

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