Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Wednesday Sept 21, 2011
Jon and I went to our first class that morning and then we left for the long drive to Lake Powell. I drove for the first half and then Jon took over in Beaver. We drove in my little red mustang and had a ton of fun talking and discussing everything that was going on in our life. It's a good thing I'm totally and completely in love with this man otherwise this would have been really boring!
We got to Lake Powell at around 5 due to some annoying construction that was going on, and the first thing that we had to do was set up a tent... talk about weird! I've never had to set up a tent before as the only camping I've done has been girls camp for maybe three years and all of those years I didn't sleep at camp. I hate the outdoors and it was awful with the Young Women most of whom really didn't like me. It was awkward for me to even go to YW because the only friend I had didn't even go most of the time and all the other girls didn't like me. Anyway, so we set up our tent by the 5th wheel and then we got changed into our swimsuits and took a drive out in the boat. Jon's parents had camped right on the beach of Lone Rock Beach and so we had a gorgeous view of Lone Rock and the water and everything! It was gorgeous! So we got out on the water and Rod took us to the dam where all the water of Lake Powell is being held back, it was a pretty awesome sight! We then drove back and had our dinner! My very first Dutch Oven Dinner! Chicken Cordon Bleu! YUMMY! It was really really good, and I enjoyed it thoroughly! After eating, we sat around and talked and then when it had gotten dark we decided to go to bed. I was really tired after driving all day that I was so ready for bed... and yet when we got in the tent we had neighbours that had decided to bring out the tequila way early and then they didn't go to bed for hours! They were up shouting and yelling like drunken idiots and I had to shout quiet a couple of times! But to no avail, it was awful! And then when the morons finally did fall into a drunken stupor at around 2 in the morning there was a snore so loud and obnoxious that it made me think that that would be how a rhinocerous would snore. No joke! Jon and I totally thought that they were kidding but no... they were too drunk to even notice how annoying their snoring was! Jon finally attempted to get out of the tent to the chance of us not being able to for the rest of the trip, the zipper wouldn't unzip and he had to pretty much squeeze himself out of this little pocket right next to the door. It was somewhat like a birthing process. The next thing I know I hear things being thrown and Jon is running around to the other side of the tent and then more things are thrown, it was quite humourous. Jon finally birthed himself inside and told me that he had proceeded to throw large rocks at their tent. We finally were able to block out the rhino snoring and go to sleep, but it took a long time. Then when the sun had come up and it was shining in our tent we figured it was time to get up.
Thursday Sept. 22, 2011
We got up and had French Toast and Sausages! Talk about Yummy! Rod is an awesome cook and I really enjoyed all of his cooking for this trip! We ate it all up heartily and then it was time to go out on the Lake again! So we all got in our swimming suits and packed up cause this was the day we were going to spend ALL day on the Lake! I made Jon and I sandwiches for the day trip and then we all got in the boat! I was really tired still from staying up all night listening to our village idiots next door, and so I slept for a lot of the way of where we were going. But we were out on the water for a really long time, and we went through little canyons that while we were driving in them I didn't know if we were going to make it through them! They were so small, but Rod is also an amazing boat driver, and so I stopped worrying after awhile. We found this little alcove and we all jumped into the water and swam for a while. That's where I found my first lizard!! Talk about cute!! It was adorable and then looking closer I came to realize that there were tons of little lizards! Jon told me that if you caught one and rubbed its belly it would go to sleep, but we were never able to catch one and so I couldn't find out if that was true! Still they were really cute! After we were done swimming, we got back into the boat and had lunch. And then after that we drove back to our camp site. It was really fun to be out in the water, usually I'm terrified of big bodies of water, but this was really fun! I was amazed how out in the water, I had absolutely no idea where we were but Rod did! And he was able to navigate us back home! That night when we got back to the camp, Sheri made us lasagna... well sort of, she took it out of the box to thaw and then cooked it, but still she was awesome at it! Sheri is amazing at organizing things! She knew exactly what we were going to do when and what to do to prepare for it, and I was really amazed to see her in action. She's such a good lady and such a good mom to Hayden and Connor! I had to go take a rest because I had gotten no sleep the night before and then being out in the water all day really took it out of me and so I went and laid down before dinner. And as soon as I closed my eyes, it felt as though I were back on the water rocking and swaying with the waves. It was an odd sensation, one I haven't had since I used to go to Surf~N~Swim and they have those waves that come on, and then just when it felt like I had just laid down Jon came into the tent and informed me that it was time for dinner. So I went back out and we ate our food and then I was ready to go to sleep again, this time though our neighbours were not even there and so we didn't have to deal with drunks! YAY!
Friday Sept 23, 2011
Friday we woke up and had breakfast, waffles (on Brigham Youngs waffle iron... according to Rod) and they were wonderful! It was really yummy to have waffles. They were really good. And then we decided to go and play out on the water. We went out to the boat and got the raft and were thrown around, we also got out the water ski's and I made a sorry sorry attempt at water skiing. I did awful... haha, Connor then got out and he tried, and he did pretty good, he couldn't get up as well but he did a good job trying. Hayden though! Holy Chalupa! Hayden got up for a bit and even went for a tiny while and then fell back into the water. Hayden is totally going to be the sports superstar of the family. He is totally built to be an athlete, and whatever he chooses to do I know he'll do awesome at it. Jon and Sheri also got up and were able to ski for a while. They did an awesome job. I'll have to try again next year, haha! But then we got the raft back out and Jon and I went on it together and Rod was ruthless, I had to hold on so tight to make sure that I didn't get thrown off. Then we got back to the boat and Connor wanted to go with me, and I knew that Rod wouldn't be too harsh on us, and then we got back and then Hayden wanted to go with me, and at this point in time my arms were killing me, but I agreed to go with Hayden as well and I just had to focus on holding on, it was really the hardest thing for me. And then when we got back to the boat the last time my arms were shaking, and I could barely stay standing. And then we went back out and swam in the water, which helped my body a little bit. After we got back to camp, we put the boat back on the trailer so that we wouldn't have to the next morning, and I was able to wash my hair! It was probably one of the best feelings that I had all the trip!! And when Sheri and I were talking about it, she said something that is so so true! "Clean hair and clean underwear is all you need" and I totally and completely agree with that statement! That night we had sweet and sour chicken and we also had cobbler, and it was really good. I enjoyed it alot. And then finally it was time to get back into our tent and go to sleep. Jon and I laid in our tent and talked about how fun it had been, and how after the next day we were going to have to leave and resume real life again.
Saturday Sept 24, 2011
Jon and I awoke and put down the tent and cleaned up our stuff and then packed it into the car. And then after eating breakfast and helping clean up the camp we proceeded to drive home. And let me tell you, I could totally feel the abuse in my body that I had put it through. It was so hard to drive the several hour drive home. I was in lots of pain. But we got home and I was able to see my kitty, and take a hot, LONG shower, and lay in my own bed! It was wonderful!

After being on my first Lake Powell trip it really amazes me just to see how gorgeous this state is! It's amazing to see how in Northern Utah it is all forests and mountains with snow and all sorts of forestry, and then to see how the red rock comes up and how Southern Utah really is just a desert, with red rock and sand and brush everywhere. It's amazing to see the vast difference in the state. But I had such a fun time with my new family! It is amazing to see how different families bring different experiences. My family holidays always included going to Disneyland or Sea World and in fun cases England and Scotland; Jon's family holidays always included going camping, to Lake Powell, road trips and all the sort. And so Jon and I are going to be able to do many diverse things for our kids. I really am grateful that I had this chance to go and have fun with my new family! It was a wonderful experience full of fun, love and challenges (water skiing...), and I really enjoyed myself and my first time camping. I may even allow myself to be subjected to it again! We'll have to see... (tee hee, Jon will make sure I go again. haha)

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