Mosher Clan!

Mosher Clan!

Friday, September 2, 2011

When You Think of Roof, What Do You Think Of?

I so did not want to get up this morning, but I'm not a morning person so it's understandable, but last night was not as fun for me, my fingers were tingling and so I just thought that I was laying wrong and so I moved and within a matter of minutes both of my hands were completely numb! It was awful!! And they remained numb until this morning. It kind of freaked me out a little bit, but I'm better now so it's all good! Jon and I are going to Park City with Grandma and Grandpa Mosher tomorrow! We are really excited to go and spend time with them; later after we come back from Park City we are going to go to the Brazilian Festival! Now for a little story!

Jon got home from his mission two years ago! And we met a week after he came home, we became really fast friends and we spent so much time together, we were together every night, watching movies and talking and just hanging out. Jon held my hand for the first time the night before, we were hanging out with friends playing a video game outside and we were laying on the grass watching the projector screen, and Jon stole my pillow, so I told him, "I will lay on you! I am not afraid to do it!" and he just looked and me and said, "Go for it." and that took me by surprise and so I layed on his shoulder and put my hand on his stomach, just cause that was the most comfortable place to put it; I was not trying to give him a hint or anything, but then all of a sudden he slipped his hand onto mine and held onto my fingers. It was super cute and it made me really happy, more so than I thought it would! And then it was late so we finally decided to go and Jon dropped me off and then went home. The next day, I had auditions for a show and then I met up with him at the Brazilian Festival at the Gateway, where we held hands again, but alas, it was only for a little bit as we weren't sure what we were. Finishing the story, the following Monday, Jon came with me to school and hung out while I went to my classes and then we went over to Temple Square and walked around where we took our first picture together on our bench (the same bench that Jon proposed to me at) and then we went to the History Museum and walked around learning about lots of things (when you think of a roof what do you think of?)! And then Jon and I went to my call back (which was the LONGEST call back EVER) and then on our way home Jon asked me if I wanted to try having a relationship and here we are two years later!! We've been through a bunch of self inflicted crap but we have managed to get back together and be even more in love every time! I am so grateful that I met Jon two years ago and I'm glad that he had the guts to hold my hand! I love him!

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